Reliance Jio – Jio apps – #reliancejio

Reliance Jio –  Jio apps – #reliancejio

In May 2016 , Jio launched a bundle of multimedia apps on Google Play as part of its upcoming 4G services. While the apps are available to download for everyone, a user will require a Jio SIM card to use them. Additionally, most of the apps are in beta phase. Following is a list of the apps:

    MyJio – Manage Jio Account and Digital Services associated with it

    JioPlay – A live TV channel service

    JioOnDemand – An online HD video library

    JioChat Messenger – An instant messaging app

    JioBeats – A music player

    JioJoin – A VoLTE phone simulator

    JioMags – E-reader for magazines

    JioXpressNews – A news and magazine aggregator

    JioSecurity – Security app

    JioDrive – Cloud-based backup tool
    JioMoney Wallet – An online payments/wallet app